Nurse researcher helps prostate cancer patients

A female nurse stands in a garden
Fiona Stanley Hospital Urology Clinical Nurse Cynthia Hawks
January 19, 2021

Fiona Stanley Hospital Urology Clinical Nurse, Cynthia Hawks, hopes her recently published research (external site) on the hospital’s One Stop Prostate Clinic (OSPC) will lead to reduced wait times for prostate cancer diagnosis and improve cancer outcomes across the board.

Cynthia’s research found that efficiencies from the clinic’s approach to combined assessment and diagnosis of prostate cancer and delivery of biopsy results via phone had significant benefits for patients.

Her study of the first 1000 men attending the clinic found there were improved access to specialist services, and a reduction in unnecessary outpatient appointments, as well as travel time and costs.

“The study shows that the clinic’s processes have reduced barriers to our prostate cancer diagnostic service, which is critical to reducing diagnosis delays, and may improve cancer outcomes,” Cynthia said.

“The clinic has improved access to specialist services for regional patients who have poorer health outcomes than those in major cities, and these results are really exciting.”

Cynthia hopes to see rapid diagnostic clinics and use of phone for results notifications expanded to other cancer clinical areas, as the research showed that initial notification of biopsy results by phone was well received by patients.

Cynthia recently presented on the economic impact of the OSPC at the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate (ANZUP) Cancer Trials group mini Annual Scientific Meeting where she received the Best Nursing/Allied Health Award.

Cynthia’s research is part of her PhD studies, under the supervision of Professor Dickon Hayne, and with support from the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate (ANZUP) Cancer Trials Group.

Well done to Cynthia and the One Stop Prostate Clinic for all their great work in delivering better outcomes for patients!

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