Leanne flies the flag for WA this Australia Day

A female nurse stands outside a building. Text laid over the image reads 'Australia Day presents'.
Nurse Leanne Morrall, the only Western Australian to feature in the National Australia Day Council ‘Story of Australia’ campaign.
January 21, 2021

Coogee resident and Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) nurse, Leanne Morrall, is the only West Australian chosen to be part of the National Australia Day Council ‘Story of Australia’ campaign

In 2020, Ms Morrall worked with other nurses and clinical staff to transform the FSH Emergency Department to help manage COVID-19.

“Western Australia has been lucky to record comparatively few cases of COVID-19, but it has significantly changed the way the hospital operates,” she said.

“The work we’ve done and continue to do means that the hospital is prepared for whatever happens in the future.”

Leanne said her experience working in one of Australia’s busiest public hospital emergency departments during a difficult year highlighted what it meant to be Australian.

“Being Australian is about respecting and appreciating each other, the land we live on and our country,” she said.

“Regardless of who we are or what our background is, we’re all Australians and we all have a contribution to make.”

In the television and radio advertisements, Leanne represents health workers across the country who have worked tirelessly through the COVID pandemic.

Ms Morrall said she was surprised and honoured to be chosen to be a part of the 2021 ‘Story of Australia’.

“Although I am representing nurses and have been a nurse for 20 years, I know that all healthcare workers make a vital contribution and I’d like to acknowledge everyone who works in hospitals from our cleaning staff to medical, clerical, stores, porter and supplies staff,” she said.

“Healthcare workers will always get on with the job because it’s what we do, but it is lovely to be acknowledged for our hard work.”

The mother-of-two said Australia Day was a chance to acknowledge all aspects of the country.

“I’m a proud Australian, and for me, Australia Day is about all of us coming together to reflect, respect and celebrate our nation,” she said.

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