Outpatient Referral Follow-up

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If you have any queries or concerns please contact our Booking Centre on (08) 6152 4510 to confirm that your response was received.

Outpatient Referral Follow-up


Dear {InsertFirstName},

{InsertHospitalName} has received a Referral for you for the following specialty:

Specialty: {InsertSpecialty} Clinic: {InsertClinic} Original Referral Date: {InsertRefDate}

You are currently on the waitlist at {InsertHospitalName} for an Outpatient Clinic Appointment. Based on the date of your original referral above, we would like to confirm if you still require an appointment at this clinic.


To assist us with the scheduling of Outpatient Clinic appointments, we need to know if you still require an appointment for the above Specialty and request that you please complete and submit the below online form.

If we do not receive confirmation from you within 2 weeks of the date of this letter you will be removed from the above specialty appointment waitlist and your referral will be closed. You will need to visit your General Practitioner if you require a new referral.

If your circumstances have changed or you are unsure whether you still require an appointment you may wish to discuss this with your General Practitioner.

If you have recently received an appointment letter for the above referral please contact our Booking Centre on (08) 6152 4510. (08) 6152 4510. (08) 9599 4038 or (08) 9599 4371.

Yours Sincerely,

{InsertHospitalName} Outpatient Department

If your personal details (address and/or telephone number) have changed since the date of Referral, Please call the FSFHG Outpatient Audit Team on (08) 6152 4510, and remember to click the 'Submit' button below so we have your response also.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

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