FSFHG Nursing Transition Program for graduate midwives

The Fiona Stanley and Fremantle Hospitals Group (FSFHG) Nursing Transition (NurTr) Program supports midwifery graduates to achieve their personal and professional goals as they transition from student midwife to registered midwife.

FSFHG also offers a NurTr program for graduate nurses as they transition from student to registered nurse.

The NurTr program for midwives aims to facilitate a positive learning environment where graduate midwives can consolidate and further develop their knowledge, skills and competencies to deliver safe midwifery care for women.

It further aims to ensure best practice is achieved and a sustainable workforce is maintained.

The 12-month program at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) provides:

  • a comprehensive induction and orientation period (inclusive of a six week period of clinical support through the Graduate coach role)
  • targeted midwifery and neonatal graduate study days
  • monthly network forum meetings
  • situational learning supported by preceptors, coaches and senior clinicians
  • a professional development pathway
  • support to complete the Nursing and Midwifery Competency Framework.
  • rotational rosters to the birthing suite and postnatal ward (including day, afternoon and night) with opportunity for expression of interest to Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit and Antenatal clinics.

The program utilises the following principles:

  • provision of a workplace committed to learning, professional development, evidence based practice and research using current and relevant knowledge and research to influence clinical practices
  • promotion of a culture that valuesmidwives, their contribution to client care and service delivery, and recognises the role of the graduate midwife in the healthcare team
  • provision of a safe and supportive work environment that complies with occupational health and safety legislation
  • provision of planned learning and development experiences that address early entry graduate and workplace needs
  • access to more experienced midwives as preceptors for supervision and guidance
  • access to technology and resources to develop quality practical, evidence based nursing skills
  • promotion to caritas care with an approach that considers professional, social and whole of life issues
  • provision of a program that is integrally linked to the organisations quality, safety and risk management framework.
  • an organisational culture that values learning, demonstrated through a commitment to education where educators and preceptors provide opportunities for learners to develop and enhance their professional attributes, clinical skills and knowledge
  • promotion of the recognition of the psychosocial needs of women, and provision of care considerate of the diverse needs of women.
  • encouraging a collaborative approach to midwifery care provision with the multidisciplinary team where appropriate
  • promotion of a culture that practices effective and respectful communication, and facilitates informed-decision making for women.

More information

All applications for the FSFHG NurTr program are to be submitted via GradConnect (external site).

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Email FSFHGGradNurse@health.wa.gov.au for more information.