The Fiona Stanley Hospital Volunteers Committee was established in November 2012 and includes members from the community, not-for-profit sector, university, TAFE, local government, other government departments, Serco and the Fiona Stanley Hospital project team.

The Committee is responsible for developing the Fiona Stanley Hospital Volunteer Program.

Volunteer roles

Volunteers will play an important role in our hospital’s operation and will perform tasks such as:

  • greet visitors and patients and escort them to their relevant clinic/ward
  • direct visitors from car parks to the entrance of our hospital
  • provide information on public transport options for return journeys
  • assist visitors to locate services such as the café, restrooms and newsagency
  • inform visitors about some of the key points of interest around our hospital (such as the courtyard and bushland areas) and services in the surrounding precinct.

We will be looking for volunteers to engage in a wide range of activities across our entire hospital. These activities will be undertaken by two types of volunteers – general and specialist volunteers.

General volunteers

General volunteers will perform a variety of services designed to support patients during their time at our hospital. General volunteer activities will happen during the day and in the evening, seven days a week. General volunteers can choose the frequency and timing of their volunteering commitment.

Examples of services our general volunteers will perform include:

  • story-telling in the paediatric ward
  • flower arranging
  • newspaper delivery to wards
  • buddy system/companionship
  • library trolley.

Specialist volunteers

Specialist volunteers will provide a service or activity based on their particular skill/s to provide patients with a unique experience. Specialist volunteers may be individuals from the community or from a specific support service or external agency. Skills must be supported by appropriate qualifications, certificates and references.

Examples of services our specialist volunteers may offer include:

  • art workshops
  • choir performances
  • pet therapy
  • beauty services/pampering
  • tailored support services.


For more information please email the Volunteer Coordinator at FSHvolunteers@health.wa.gov.au