Paediatric Medicine Clinical Psychology Service

Being treated in hospital for illness or injury can be a challenging and emotional time for children, young people and their family members.

It is not unusual for young patients and their family members to experience a range of different fears and worries. These can include:

  • a fear of certain procedures, including needles, insertion of intravenous drips, or scans
  • difficulty adjusting after a traumatic injury including fractures (broken bones), a dog bite or amputation
  • coping with pain and understanding neurological symptoms that affect the brain and nerves throughout the body
  • uncertainty about the future and how to manage your medical problems when you return home
  • previous psychological symptoms that are made worse by the current medical situation
  • parental fears or distress about a child being in hospital
  • any other emotional or psychological difficulty related to the hospital stay or ongoing medical treatment.

How clinical psychology can help

Often it is easier to talk about your concerns and feelings with someone outside your family or circle of friends.

The clinical psychologists in our Paediatric Medicine Clinical Psychology Service specialise in assessing and treating psychological difficulties in children, adolescents and families during their medical journey.

Talking to a clinical psychologist might help you feel heard, better understand how you are thinking and feeling, and assist you to work on strategies to cope with your admission or ongoing treatment. These strategies could include:

  • relaxation
  • distraction
  • play
  • finding new ways to cope with your thoughts and feelings
  • helping to understand your body better.

Psychology can also assist your family to communicate about their experience to help everyone feel more confident and supported.

Our service works closely with your treating team to help them better understand what helps you cope, things that may get in the way of your treatment, and how to best assist you with this.

We can also link you in with community organisations that specialise in child, adolescent and family support for those with medical problems.

How to access this service

You can ask any team member on Ward 3A, such as your nurse, doctor or other allied health practitioner, for a referral to our inpatient service. You will then be contacted by a psychologist from the service to discuss your referral.

The service is available during normal working hours on a Monday and Wednesday, and on Thursday mornings. Appointments are free of charge.

We do not offer medical guidance or opinions about medical treatments. If you have questions about your medical treatment, we recommend you ask your doctor.

Please note we do not provide immediate crisis or emergency mental health services.

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