Physiotherapy care during pregnancy

Pregnancy causes your body to change, and as your baby grows, your hormones soften and sensitise your supporting ligaments and muscles. In combination with changes to your body shape, this causes added strain and fatigue. How your body manages your pregnancy depends on many factors.

Read more about the physiotherapy services available to support patients who are booked to give birth at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

A pregnant woman has backed into the front passenger seat of a car and has one hand on the roof and another on the dashboard.

Caring for your back and pelvis

An anatomical drawing of the location of a woman's pelvic floor muscles

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles

A pregnant woman with a good standing postuure - chin tucked in, shoulders down and back, stomach and bottom tucked in and weight distributed evenly on both legs.

Maintaining a good posture


A woman sits on a fitball. She has raised her elbows to shoulder height and holds a small dumbbell in each hand

Keep fit with regular gentle exercise

A side-on photo of a pregnant woman's hands placed above and below her stomach

Managing discomforts of pregnancy

A pregnany woman on her hands and knees on an exercise mat.

Managing pelvic girdle pain


Close up photo of a pregnant woman's stomach. She is seated and has her left hand on the side of her left thigh. Another person is seated next to her with their hands clasped on their thighs.

Caring for your perineum

A drawing of a woman sitting in the correct posture on a toilet

Healthy bowel and bladder habits

A woman sits on a fitball and leans onto a bed for support. Another women behind her, also seated on a fitball, applies pressure on the base of the first womans's spine with the knuckles of her clenched hand

Relaxation and pain management

Positions for labour and birth

A woman faces away from the camera with her t-short lifted up on her back and holding a small device in her right hand.  The device is connected to four adhesive strips placed on her back.

Managing labour with TENS therapy

How to access our physiotherapy services

Physiotherapy services are available to all women who are eligible for our maternity service (Healthy WA). If you are receiving our maternity services and wish to see a physiotherapist while you are pregnant, please ask your doctor or midwife to refer you.

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