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Making even small improvements to your lifestyle before surgery can make a big difference to your outcomes and recovery after surgery.

Preparing yourself mentally and physically before coming to hospital is an important step in your surgical journey.

By encouraging you to eat the right food, exercise, reduce your alcohol intake and stopping smoking, LifeFit helps you be in the best health possible before coming to hospital.

Learn more about some simple health and wellbeing tools can make in the lead-up to your surgery.


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Take the first step

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Start your exercise


A female dietitian shows a a man and a women healthy food portion sizes.

Focus on your diet

A man in surgical scrubs and cap stands in front of medical equipment

Reduce smoking and alcohol intake


Be LifeFit-SurgFit

Learn more about how preparing your body and your mind before surgery through LifeFit-SurgFit can set you up for the best outcome and a quicker recovery.