The Patient Entertainment System (PES) is a bedside device that you can use to access:

  • meal ordering
  • radio, television and internet
  • box office movies and games
  • telephone services
  • additional wireless internet for personal devices.

To operate the PES you will need a PES card and PIN code. These will be assigned to you by the ward clerk on admission.

You or your visitors can add money to the card on the PES kiosks available throughout the hospital or directly through your PES. Read how to add money to your PES.

A unique phone number will be assigned directly to your PES card, which will stay the same wherever you use it.

To access the device:

  • ensure your PES card is in the back of the handset
  • press the power button
  • enter your PIN code
  • the home screen will appear and you can access the services from there.

For further information, including fees, charges and terms and conditions of use, press the onscreen help button. Staff and volunteers will also be available to help you use your PES.

It is important to note that the clinical use of the PES will take priority and clinicians may request to interrupt your session to ensure the provision of your care. Your session will resume when the clinician has finished.