Managing outpatient appointments during COVID-19

South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) continues to review how to manage its readiness and response to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. Reducing face-to-face patient interaction in our hospitals is one way to maximise patient and staff safety.

Please follow government guidelines on visitors and bring only one adult to accompany you to your outpatient appointment.

Please do not attend an outpatient appointment if you are unwell

Please do not come to a hospital outpatient appointment if you or the person accompanying you meet the criteria for self-quarantine without liaising first with the National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080 for further advice. In that event, we would need to determine if your appointment needs to go ahead and what special arrangements are required to allow your appointment to proceed safely.

When visiting please:

  • wash hands with hand sanitiser
  • keep a safe distance between yourself and others of at least 1.5 m
  • refrain from physical contact.
About our outpatient clinics

Outpatient clinics and services provide health care to patients who do not require admission to hospital. 

These services allow for examination or treatment as well as the provision of care for patients with complex or chronic conditions who benefit from a multidisciplinary approach.

Services are provided by a range of healthcare professionals including medical, nursing and midwifery, and allied health staff. You may see these healthcare professionals together or separately depending on your needs. We may also need to refer you to other hospital services, including the:

Hospital map

Virtual outpatient appointments

Where practical, some outpatient appointments are now being delivered by telephone or video call rather than onsite within the hospital.  

Virtual appointments are those conducted by:

  • telephone
  • video call at home or with your GP
  • Scopia
  • telehealth at another WA Health site.

If you would like to have your appointment virtually, you can either:

  • discuss with your GP or referring specialist
  • discuss with your clinician during your appointment
  • talk to your clinic clerk
  • contact us through Outpatient Direct (Healthy WA) on 1300 855 275
  • contact FSH Outpatient Enquiries on 6152 5100.

It’s great not having to travel to the hospital and far more relaxing to have your appointment at home, however not all appointments are suitable to be done virtually. Your clinician will determine if it is appropriate and you may have a combination of face-to-face and virtual appointments depending on your clinical condition.

If you have a scheduled telephone appointment, you will receive a call from +61 8 6152 0000 or, an unknown number. If you miss our call/s, contact the number on your appointment letter/SMS to reschedule.

Referrals and appointments

An outpatient appointment is made after your General Practitioner (GP) or specialist refers you for treatment, or if you need further treatment after being discharged from hospital.

Information about your outpatient clinic appointment will be sent to you by letter. Most clinics also send an SMS reminder to your mobile phone in the week before your appointment.

Sometimes the hospital will contact you by phone. This is usually when your appointment is in less than 7 days.

Please do not attend your outpatient appointment if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • flu like symptoms eg. fever, cough or a sore throat
  • sudden onset of vomiting and diarrhoea
  • generalised unexplained rash.

You should visit your GP and reschedule your clinic appointment.

If your condition gets worse before your appointment

Please see your General Practitioner (GP) if your condition gets worse before your specialist appointment or in between appointments.

Your GP will be able to contact medical staff at the hospital for advice or can help you decide if you should go to the emergency department.

What should I bring?

Please bring:

  • your outpatient letter – please hand this to the receptionist
  • any relevant x-rays or laboratory results
  • any aids you may require (spectacles, hearing aids etc)
  • Medicare card
  • Healthcare card
  • Repatriation benefits card
  • immunisation records
  • a list of any questions you want to ask the specialist.

For paediatric patients, the primary caregiver (parent or legal guardian only) must attend the appointment

Friends, relatives or carers are also welcome to attend the appointment with you.

Patients are also advised that wait times for outpatient appointments can vary.

Manage appointments with Manage My Care

A green tick overlays a plus sign with the words Manage My Care underneath the image

The Manage My Care app gives you and those you care for more access to outpatient appointment and referral information than ever before at a number of metropolitan hospitals including Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Key features of Manage My Care include:

  • easily see your outpatient appointments and referrals 24/7
  • update your contact details (e.g. address and phone numbers)
  • request to reschedule, confirm or cancel upcoming outpatient appointments for select specialties
  • access information about your appointment and hospital visit.
Getting here

There are many ways to travel to and from Fiona Stanley Hospital:

  • public transport
  • driving and parking
  • voluntary transport – on your first appointment, ask your FSH health care professional about voluntary transport services. You can also phone the Helpdesk on 6152 2222 and ask to speak with the Outpatient Transport Supervisor.

FSH Courtesy Buggy

Walking across the Fiona Stanley Hospital Campus can be a long walk for some people.

The Courtesy Buggy, when available, does a continuous circular route taking in all the car parks.

To request the buggy, you can either:

  • contact the Helpdesk on 6152 2222 and speak with the Outpatient Transport Supervisor.
  • ask a passing volunteer
  • use the call buttons located by pay machines and on the bridges from car parks 2 and 5.

To access a wheelchair

To access a wheelchair, it is recommended you are dropped off at the set down point at the main hospital entrance (near Jamaica Blue). Our staff and volunteers at Reception will be able to assist you.

Outpatient clinics and locations

Your appointment letter will note the location of your appointment, for example Clinic 5 Outpatients Ground Floor Main Hospital, Breast Clinic Level 1 Main Hospital.

Staff and volunteers located at Main Reception and Main Outpatients reception are available to assist with directions.

Outpatient clinics and their locations are listed below.

Outpatient clinics 1-8, ground floor (OutPts, G)

If your letter directs you to Clinic 1-8 OutPts, G, you should enter the hospital via the main entry off Robin Warren Drive and follow the signs to the outpatient clinic reception desk. Coming from the main entrance it is the second desk on the right.

Education and State Rehabilitation Service clinics

If your letter directs you to the following clinics, please visit the reception desk located in the following buildings and floors:

  • Education clinic: Education building, ground floor
  • State Rehab G clinic: Rehabilitation building, ground floor
  • State Rehab L1 clinic: Rehabilitation building, level 1
  • State Rehab L2 clinic: Rehabilitation building, level 2 
  • State Rehab, Hydro, LG (Hydrotherapy) clinic: Rehabilitation building, lower ground floor

Other outpatient (OutPts) clinics

If your letter directs you to the following clinics, please visit the reception desk located in the following floors of the main hospital:

  • Clinic 9a, OutPts, G: Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplantation Unit, located on the ground floor
  • Clinic 9b, OutPts, G: Advanced Lung Disease and Lung Transplant Unit, located on the ground floor 
  • Allied Health 1 and 2: located on the ground floor 
  • Breast: Breast Assessment Clinic, located on level 1
  • Burns: Burns Outpatients, located on level 4
  • Cancer Centre: located on the ground floor
  • Cardiology: Cardiology Outpatients, located on level 1
  • Dialysis: located on the ground floor
  • DMP: Day Medical Procedures, located on the ground floor
  • Endoscopy: Endoscopy Suite, located on level 1
  • H and H: Haemophilia and Haemostasis centre, located on level 1
  • Home Services: located on the ground floor
  • Hyperbaric Unit: located on the lower ground floor
  • MFAU: Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit, located on level 3
  • Neurophysiology: Neurophysiology Outpatients, located on level 6
  • Sleep Centre: located on level 5
Change an appointment or contact details

Changing an appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment, follow the directions outlined in your appointment letter or SMS reminder or phone:

Can’t make your appointment?

If you can’t make it to your scheduled appointment for whatever reason, it’s important to let us know as soon as possible.

The hospital loses an average $320 for every missed appointment. It also means other people have to wait longer for an appointment

To let us know you can’t make it to your appointment, you can call either:

  • Outpatient Direct on 1300 855 275, or
  • number in your appointment letter or SMS.

Changing contact details

Let us know if any of your contact details have changed (address, telephone number) to make sure you receive our communications by:

Outpatient audit

SMHS continuously reviews and audits the outpatient waitlists for first appointments.

We may contact you via SMS or letter to ask if you still need an appointment. This helps provide an accurate picture of the number of referred patients awaiting their first outpatient appointment.

Please follow the prompts on the SMS, return your letter in the pre-paid envelope or contact us on the number provided in the notification.

Contact us

Call our Helpdesk on 6152 2222 for all queries.


Outpatient clinics are located throughout the hospital with the majority located in the main hospital building. 

See Outpatient clinics and locations (left) for more information.

The main entrance to the hospital is accessed off Robin Warren Drive.

View our hospital map to find your way.

Opening hours

Outpatient clinics are generally open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.

Morning clinics: 8am – 12pm

Afternoon clinics: 1pm– 5pm

Additional clinic hours

A midwifery led antenatal clinic will be held after hours. Details will be included in your outpatient letter.

Visit Healthy WA

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