Parent education classes

We are committed to ensuring that you have an opportunity to access our parent education classes.

We encourage you to attend both of these free* and frequently offered classes. They will be an invaluable part of your pregnancy journey.

All classes provide up-to-date, evidence based information delivered in an engaging and positive way by:

  • expert midwives
  • lactation consultants
  • dietitians
  • physiotherapists.

Classes are only available to parents having a baby at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Please note that some classes and activities require bookings - please see below for more information.

* If you do not hold a current Medicare card you will be charged for these education classes.

Active birth education classes

Our Active Birth Education Workshops are aimed at women who are planning to labour and birth with minimal intervention.

Dates for 2022 are still be advised.

Antenatal hydrotherapy

Join us in the pool for some fun and fitness from your 18th week of pregnancy as our physiotherapists guides you with safe exercises to improve your strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

Referral and bookings are essential – please discuss with your midwife or doctor.