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Leading the way in health care security

Risks to patients and staff at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) can be pinpointed within seconds thanks to new state-of-the-art security technology, combined w... more

Two men stand in front of a large wall mounted screen which shows a map of a hospital campus.

Former burns patient helps produce unique healing device

Collaboration between Fiona Stanley Hospital’s State Adult Burns Unit staff and a young patient has led to the creation of a new device to assist in ... more

An older man lays in a hospital bed and a male health professional stands beside him.

Meet the Spinnaker Health Research Foundation 2020 Research Awards recipients

Spinnaker Health Research Foundation has awarded more than $145,000 in its annual research grant to 10 recipients including one project which will explore ... more

A group of four women and five men standing outside.

Medical staff honoured for their contributions

Medical staff honoured for their contributions

Once again the exceptional talent of our medical staff has been recognised at the Fi... more

A woman and a man stand beside each other. Each is holding a small glass trophy.

Theatre waste recycling wins hands down

Hand towels used across Fiona Stanley Hospital operating theatres – known as huck towels – are no longer going to landfill thanks to an excitin... more

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Researcher works to blow rogue cancer’s cover

Fiona Stanley Hospital oncologist Dr Indunil Weerasena is on a mission to blow the cover of a highly aggressive and difficult-to-detect form of breast canc... more

Dr Indunil Weerasena sits in front of two computer screens. Medical images are on one of the screens.

Shining a light on pioneering research

Learn about the research potential offered by machines and devices capable of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nanotechnology, bioinformatics and ... more

A group of three men and four women stand beside a banner that reads 'South Metropolitan Health Service  Research: striving to improve outcomes for patients and the community now and into the future"

Research aims to head off heart failure admissions

GPs treating patients with heart failure will get support to deliver best-practice care thanks to a new research project based at Fiona Stanley Hospital.more

An older woman sits on an exercise bike. A man stands beside her.

Virtual clinic survey saves time for burns outpatients

In collaboration with the Health Support Services (HSS) ICT Web Applications Team, Fiona Stanley Hospital Burns Outpatient Clinic has developed an integrat... more

Two men stand beside each other. One man is holding a phone with the screen facing away from him.

Frail patients praise new care model

“I am going to a place where my medical needs will be met as soon as possible and I will be going home.”

That’s the wonderful real... more

An older man stands between two other men beside a hospital bed.
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