The teams behind Code Blue

Group of health professionals standing in corridor
Members of the Fremantle Hospital MET team
July 2, 2020

Medical Emergency Teams (MET) are on-hand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to medical emergencies within our hospitals at any moment.

The MET responds to ‘Code Blue’ calls, which are mostly made for inpatients who have deteriorated and require urgent care and assessment. However, a call can be made for any reason including accidents involving volunteers and visitors on site.

Recently the Fremantle Hospital MET responded to a call involving a 92-year-old woman who fell down stairs on B5.

The woman’s daughter who was with her at the time later called to compliment the “magnificent” care her mother received as well as the kind reassurance and care she also received from the team.

Last year, site MET teams responded to 3,122 calls at Fiona Stanley Hospital, 382 calls at Fremantle Hospital and more than 550 calls at Rockingham General Hospital.

Members of the MET participate in a roster and continue to do their ‘day jobs’ throughout the hospitals, responding to Code Blue calls as needed. A MET includes a number of registrars, an anaesthetist, senior nurse, and a porter.

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