Pharmacist joins isolation support team

A young women leans against an offroad buggy on a beach. She wears a surgical mask and gloves.
Fiona Stanley Hospital Pharmacist Angela Cheaib
April 9, 2020

Fiona Stanley Hospital Pharmacist Angela Cheaib is playing an important role as part of the Australian Medical Assistance Team (AUSMAT) WA team deployed to Rottnest Island to support passengers from the Vasco Da Gama cruise ship during quarantine.

Around 200 passengers are in 14 days isolation on the island and the team has been sent to Rottnest to ensure the health needs of the passengers are met.

“We go out each day to do welfare checks on the passengers. As the only pharmacist, I am ensuring people have the necessary supply of medications, and managing any problems as they arise,” Angela said.

“It is very different to anything I ever imagined I would be doing. It is challenging in a way that is quite different from my usual clinical work at the hospital.”

Team leader Dr Marten Howes said Angela was making a significant contribution to the effort.

“I am very proud of our team. Everyone is being stretched well beyond their usual scopes of practice, and meeting each challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism.

“Angela has skills and attributes way beyond her pharmacy brief. She is a huge support to us on the daily rounds and her personality and enthusiasm are a huge boost to the team morale, and the passengers respond very well to her.”

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