Houston, we don't have a problem!

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The Cammack family
July 14, 2020

Despite being more than 17,000 kilometres away in Houston Texas, the Cammack family were still able to have their scheduled consult with their paediatrician in Perth last month.

Unable to leave the United States due to COVID-19, Nicole’s eight year old daughter was scheduled to have her outpatient appointment at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) and with the necessary digital platforms already in place this was able to go ahead without any issues.

“We had already met Dr Spencer in person a few years ago and it was so lovely to see her again,” Nicole said.

“The appointment was easy and we were able to successfully test our system beforehand - I was also impressed with the waiting room system.”

“Dr Spencer was able to see Sophie for the appointment, which made the conversation easier and allowed her to build rapport and trust with Sophie quickly. “

The first clinical video call appointment with an international patient, Head of Paediatric Services at FSH, Dr Janine Spencer, said it was a great success.

“We had good visual and sound as well as no delay – Mum was also able to do some measurements with her daughter which I was able to supervise,” Dr Spencer said.

“As Nicole’s son had been a previous patient of mine, he and the rest of the family even popped on to the screen to say hi!”

“Given its success, the nurse practitioner will now continue to review the patient with further follow up video calls.”

Ask your hospital team if you’re suitable for a digital outpatient appointment and see how we’re using technology to enhance the patient experience.